Welcome to [Ó.ria] Studio, where every piece of jewelry is crafted with love, passion, and a touch of nostalgia. I'm Sylvia, the heart and hands behind this creative venture. My journey in the world of handmade jewelry began long before Oria Studio came to life. As a teenager in Athens, I found solace and joy in creating bead jewelry, sourcing the most exquisite beads from a local shop in my neighborhood. Despite my early passion, life led me down different paths, and it wasn't until my 30s, after pursuing a career in graphic design, that I rediscovered my love for crafting.

The spark reignited when I started experimenting with polymer clay, a medium that allowed me to translate my vibrant, colorful visions into tangible pieces of wearable art. I vividly remember the sketches I would wake up to, dreaming of vibrant jewelry that seemed beyond reach at the time. Little did I know, those sketches would eventually inspire the foundation of Oria Studio. With a newfound dedication to craftsmanship and creativity, I embarked on this journey to share my passion for unique, handcrafted jewelry with the world.

At the heart of Oria Studio lies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, connection, and individuality. Each piece is not only a reflection of my artistic vision but also a tribute to my family's rich legacy in the world of jewelry making. My father, a master goldsmith whose journey began in the bustling streets of Athens, instilled in me a reverence for quality and excellence. His storied career, marked by collaborations with esteemed artisans and renowned figures like Paloma Picasso, continues to inspire my own pursuit of artistry.

Growing up surrounded by creativity, with a mother who was a professional ballet dancer and a constant source of inspiration through her crafts, I learned to cherish the beauty of handmade creations. This ethos of blending tradition with innovation is woven into the fabric of Oria Studio, where each piece is infused with a sense of heritage and a contemporary twist. As I continue to pour my heart and soul into every design, I invite you to join me on this journey of celebrating craftsmanship, connection, and the beauty of individuality at Oria Studio.