Care & Cleaning


We only use the best quality Sterling Silver, which can oxidise beautifully with the elements. If you like your silver shiny please use a silver polishing cloth to shine it back up to it’s original state. Please always be gently with small, bendable pieces. 



Polymer clay is a durable material, however it can break if handled or stored improperly. When travelling please keep them from being squashed as they can snap. 

Most Oria pieces are interchange, it’s inadvisable to head to the beach or for a workout with any jewellery on, however if you do, please remove the polymer clay part of your earrings, and only wear the hardwearing, sterling silver pieces.



As with any type of jewellery you should avoid abrasive surfaces, perfumes, lotions and makeup.  

Please keep the back of your earrings snapped closed at ALL TIMES. This is a sure way to lose them if you don’t :) It’s best to also keep them closed while storing them, so none of the interchangeable pieces fall off.